StoryWeaver is creative writing software that guides you through a series of questions to help define and write your story. The product's organized interface leads you in a linear path from story inception to completion. It can help you learn to write novels, screenplays, stage plays or short stories.

This writing software is not for everyone. It takes a lot of time to fully learn the application's benefits and follow its steps to complete your creative writing project. It's not modern or intuitive. It has numerous folders of instructions that must be read to be able to implement and use the application. The interface is simple to use, but the process of learning how is not.

There are four stages to StoryWeaver's creation path. They include inspiration, development, exposition and storytelling. The inspiration helps you to generate ideas for plot, characters, themes and genre. Development leads you to add details and flesh out those ideas. The exposition stage shows you how to reveal your story to your readers point by point, and the storytelling stage guides you to develop a plan to unfold your story, its scenes, chapters and events.

This software offers a host of features to guide you in development of characters, conflicts, plots, settings, stories and more, but lacks tools found in software ranked higher on our list. Although you can write within the application, the system lacks an actual word processor. Therefore, there is no spell check or word count. It also lacks a dictionary and thesaurus, among other deficiencies.

The built-in instructions for StoryWeaver are thorough, perhaps too detailed, but customer support for this product falls short. Your only recourse, should you need help or have questions about the application, is to send an email.

StoryWeaver Summary:

Once you learn to use StoryWeaver, it can guide you to think about your writing project and help outline structure and develop characters and storylines. However, it’s not a simple process to learn to use this software and the interface is old-fashioned. It's akin to following a timeline of folders, each with a series of instructions and questions to help you to write. If you have time and like linear structure, this software will do the job.


StoryWeaver 3.2

This software offers a host of features to develop characters, plots, conflicts, settings, stories and more.

The user interface is old-fashioned and the instruction process lengthy. It lacks a dictionary, thesaurus and word processor and offers support only via email.

The Verdict:

StoryWeaver is for those who prefer a sequential process to help them develop and write stories, novels, screenplays and other creative works.